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Property Maintenance Services and Repairs

Property Care & Repair for Householders As part of our property management experience, we have looked after the repair and maintenance of our 180+ rental properties, now we want to share the benefit of that experience with every…

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Solar roof and roof ventilation

Integration into the roofs has a solar roof composed of 4 panels provided by a manufacturer. The solar roof can provide a total capacity of 560 Wp. The principle is the same as Photovoltaic panels, the solar roof…

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What Kitchen Designers Need to know about Stone: Your Kitchen Refurbishment

Stone makes a kitchen look fantastic, it also signifies longevity, permanency and luxury. A kitchen with stone blended into its design is often taken for granted because of stone’s ease of use. Because there are many types of…

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Professional Cleaning Services in Sydney

Professional cleaning services

CPM Cleaning has over 25 years of experience in the industry. This company works hard to ensure all services provided by their team are completed to a high standard, high quality and thorough. All members of their team…

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Property Maintenance Services

Property Care & Repair for Householders When you hear of the company ‘Bell Plumbing Maintenance’ you automatically think “beautiful homes”, “terrific service” and “pleasant people”. Now they are about to add “Rapid Response Plumbing”, “First Class Workmanship” and…

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Take part in helping the environment and take care of your waste

How does the council help with refuse collection? Councils will often change the company that handles their refuse collection due to prices and quality of work. Please contact us for more information. In a “groundbreaking” departure from good…

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Do you need short term property finance to finish your development project?

Who should you choose? Choosing a bank to finance your property development can lead to 15% longer waiting times. Cut out the middle man and head straight to a private lender. Often, they will combine the security of…

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A soar in eco-friendly power systems

Strong demand for tradesmen trained in installing and maintaining electrical systems to fit eco-friendly power systems A huge electrical firm predicts that we will face a mushrooming demand for tradesmen trained and proficient in installing and maintaining eco-friendly…

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What type of person you are according to your rubbish?

Who are you? Rubbish collection services can help the enviornment

The society we live in is commonly accused of consuming foods, water and different natural goods without giving anything back. People are to blame for the global warming, deforestation and endangered species, but most of them continue to…

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Everything you need to know about EPDM rubber roofing

EPDM rubber roofing systems

What is it? EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber that can be manufactured in a sheet format. When in this format, it can make for the perfect flat roofing material in all conditions due to having unique…

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