How to keep a tidy construction site

Keeping a tidy site is a safe site – it goes without saying.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can keep your building site tidy:

Store tools in a set place

Being organised on a construction site will make your work much easier.

Having a designated area to store tools allows you to reach them easily.

We recommend using storage containers for larger tools and a range of toolboxes for the not so large ones.

It saves you from having to search through piles of clutter!

Invest in clean up solutions

The cleanup process of the job isn’t for everyone.

We emphasise the importance of industrial clean up of waste on the building site.

Choosing a service that provides building waste removals can save a lot of time and maximise the time spent on the construction.

 Here’s one that interested us;

Provide same-day building waste disposals at low costs with no fuss.

No building waste collection job is too small or big for us!”

rubbish clearance

Fix broken or faulty tools

Make sure you flag broken tools early on as a problem can save a lot of time – and potentially injury.

Introduce workers into labelling and reporting the equipment.

You can also look into tool repairs when solving minor faults or problems to save money.

Keep clear access routes

A clean site should always have areas to access and leave – it’s the main principle.

Things to avoid:

  • Leaving out tools and materials
  • Rubbish lying about that is liable to either get in the way or be stolen.

Which can lead to significant safety precautions as it may impede a fire exit or cause a trip hazard.

Guidance here.

Obtain professional risk assessments

Maintaining expert advice from risk assessment specialists will help you identify areas that warrant special consideration.

By doing so, you can target these areas with different approaches.

Minimising the chance of safety violations that result in hefty fines.

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Energy efficiency in the house

Making your property more energy efficient

With climate change, an increasingly big concern on most people’s minds is how to save more energy around the house.

Although most people acknowledge climate change to be a structural issue, and ultimately most of the blame can be placed on a few leading corporations, there are small changes we can make to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle ourselves.

Simple Changes

One way we can make changes on an individual level is by taking the steps to become more energy efficient in the household. This can not only help save the planet but can help you save costs on your bills!

  1. It is important to understand your energy bill in order to determine where you may be overusing electricity or water.
  2.  Remember and turn off your devices when you are not using them!
  3. Install efficient airconditioning system and hire a good electrician for air conditioning repairs
  4. Take shorter showers and think of baths as one-off luxuries.
  5. Draught-proof your home: You can DIY draft-proof your home in order to keep heat inside during the winter.Energy efficiency in the house
  6. Change your lightbulbs – LED spotlights are often bright enough to replace other bulbs and are more energy-efficient.
  7. Turn off the lights when you leave the room – a tip we all know but often don’t always follow.
  8. Open windows rather than relying on an extractor fan – a double bonus as this uses no electricity and allows you to get some fresh air circulating in the house.
  9. Avoid using the dryer, hang your clothes on a washing line in the garden or inside your home if you don’t have a garden.
  10. When you’re cooking, use glass and ceramic dishes in the oven. This will hold heat better and mean you can cook food at a slightly lower temperature.

Additionally, it can be helpful to think about what appliances in your home are using the most energy. You can talk to your electrician about this as they may be able to advise you which controls you can change to avoid wasting energy.

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Looking after your outdoors

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Why get your bathroom renovated

Bathroom renovation – why it’s important 

You will certainly agree that the one place that gives you absolute privacy each day, is your bathroom.

Whether you sit with your book in your toilet or train your vocal cords with your favourite song, you are just you when you are in the bathroom.

This space requires very special attention and very special decoration with the best bathroom accessory sets of your unique style and taste.

It is then you would feel every bathroom accessory applauding to your music and dance or just your silence.

Cheap bathroom accessories might be appealing for the first few days, but would soon start revealing its true colours with the faded and dull looks.

If you’re thinking about getting your bathroom updated, bathroom renovators will create functional solutions for your living space and save you the trouble of having to hunt for similar-looking bathroom fittings and accessories that complement each other.

Renovation builders will provide a range of bathroom sets are quite affordable and stunningly beautiful. Our goal is to make you very extra special in your extra luxurious bathroom.

Companies will work to make it more functional and more elegant.

Bathroom accessories are usually included from shower curtains, sinks, tub faucets, showerheads, toilet seats and handles, shower shelves, soap dishes, brush holders.

Bathroom Renovation Advice | Ideal Home

Fitting your new bathroom

It is said that an individual’s taste and hygiene can be assessed by looking at his or her bathroom and we help you achieve that through our extraordinary collections that can bring a magical change to your bathrooms.

When we say bathroom accessories, it includes every single accessory that is exclusive to a bathroom:

Shower accessory ranges include; shower shelf, corner wall shower storage, hooks, shower basket, soap basket designed with hooks, mirrors, pedal bins, shower curtain rods and rings, towel rods, bathtub mat, and more.

Bathroom products are not just made only for extreme luxury; there are bathroom collections that perfectly blend with standard bathrooms.

If you are looking to update your bathroom yourself, without the help of a renovation company, you should make sure you have a suitable plumber to update your plumbing work or install all of your new fittings.

Our toilet fixtures include; roll holders, toilet brush holders with brushes, step stools, handheld driers, high-quality toilet seats, and more.

60+ Best Bathroom Designs – Photos of Beautiful Bathroom Ideas to Try

Of course, there is a unique collection of restroom accessories such as sink accessories: an array of soap dispensers and dishes; toothbrush holders, mirrors, towel baskets and rings; boxes, etc. Sink cabinets are extremely practical and can simplify your life to a very large extent.

The Benefits of Home Renovations

Home renovations are a great way to increase property value.

Residents in cities such as Brisbane, London and Los Angles are increasingly using home builders to do the following to their properties.

Adding a Solar Roof

Adding a Solar Roof can help to increase your properties value by reducing the amount of electricity consumed. Other benefits include cheap electricity bills, little maintenance work and the fact that the panels possess longevity.


Removing Old Windows and Doors

This may not be the biggest renovation but will go a long way in helping you to save money on heating the house only for it to escape through that age old window. New doors and windows will help to use less energy by keeping the heat completely inside your newly renovated home.



Renovating your kitchen is one of the most popular means of home renovation. This will cost between £20,000 and £25,000 but you will reap the benefits. If you are planning on going for an open plan then this is a great way to add space and make life a lot easier for you and your family, especially if your current kitchen is small.


Making it your Home

This is your home so it make yours. Whether you are renovating your kitchen, adding a solar roof, an extra bathroom or loft conversion, these additions are the best ways to make your home yours whilst increasing its resell ability.

It will also make it far more functional to which you will benefit from all the changes you make in the future. More information can be found here.


Three Common Gutter Problems

What should homeowners be aware of?

Gutters are incredibly important when it comes to maintaining the structure of your roof and making sure all the water is drained correctly.

The main purpose of your home’s gutters is to move the water away. However, there are a number of problems that can occur that all homeowners should be aware of.

At Handy Man Home Services, we look at three common gutter problems that homeowners across the Gold Coast should be aware of.

Clogged and Blocked Gutters

By far the most common problem is clogged gutters that are preventing the water from being drained correctly. Clogged gutters are commonly caused by leaves and other debris that gradually sit inside the gutter.

If your gutters aren’t regularly cleaned, you can risk water not being drained and affecting the structure of the entire gutter system, the integrity of your roof and home foundations. Click here for gutter repairs.

Gutter Holes and Leaks

During heavier showers and storms, it can be common for parts of the gutter system to give way that could cause a leak. It’s also likely that a gutter pipe could be damaged, causing a hole too.

You can find a number of patching kits from hardware stores that can help cover up any leaks or holes that you’ve noticed during rainy days

Poorly Designed Gutter Systems

Your gutter system may not be performing correctly simply because of the way it has been designed and installed. Spotting a poor gutter system design.

Whether gutters have been improperly pitched or it involves an unnecessarily complex structure, a poorly designed gutter system can cause a number of problems that will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Property Maintenance Services and Repairs

Property Care & Repair for Householders

As part of our property management experience, we have looked after the repair and maintenance of our 180+ rental properties, now we want to share the benefit of that experience with every householder.

Instead of trawling through the Yellow Pages and having to make the call after call to ask someone to visit your home and then no one turns up.

Why not contact a company who will make sure you get the job done properly when you want it done and at a fair price?

Tradesmen sign up to a Code of Conduct. This includes the best workmanship around, adherence to time scales, on-site cleanliness, clear quotations and more.

Real Wood Flooring Solutions

We now offer flooring solutions for every project. Not matter if you’re looking to add real wood flooring to your home, or looking to have a brand new floor laid by professionals.

Marques Flooring works with clients providing advice, expertise and fabulous quality flooring for you to choose from. Your flooring solution will be dealt with by specialist suppliers who provide quality floors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They stock all the most popular brands, finishes and styles.

Choose from the numerous models of flooring under the following categories:
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Custom-made Flooring
  • Waterproof Laminate
  • Parquetry
  • Plywood
  • Pre-finished Engineered
  • Raw Engineered
  • Oak Stained
  • Solid Tongue and Groove
  • Vinyl

Complete any room design and transform your property with amazing quality flooring, whether you want to provide domestic and commercial real wood flooring solutions.

Solar roof and roof ventilation

Integration into the roofs has a solar roof composed of 4 panels provided by a manufacturer. The solar roof can provide a total capacity of 560 Wp.

The principle is the same as Photovoltaic panels, the solar roof harvests the sun and converts it in direct current electricity thanks to photovoltaic cells.

Each cell provides a small amount of electricity and each panel contains 40 cells connected in series. The output of these panels passes through an inverter to be redistributed to the grid as AC current. All PV panels contribute to reducing electricity consumption.

The second advantage of this solar roof is it allows daylight to shine into the corridor seminar room limiting the artificial lighting required.

Property Roofing

So many times a homeowner is advised that a new roof is needed even if the tiles appear to be in good repair. Upon inspection, it may be noted that there is underlying rot which needs to be seen to as soon as possible or there will be further complications.

Sometimes the problem is noticed when a leak suddenly becomes noticeable, but there doesn’t seem to be any damaged or missing tiles. Water begins seeping under the tiles and then begins forming pools on the ceiling so that the leak is readily apparent from the inside.

According to some statements, the cause of this could be that there is inadequate ventilation in the roofing system. If this is the case, then chances are good that the entire roof and underlying timbers and sheathing will need to be replaced.

Rot and mould have weakened the structure, thereby allowing blowing rain and snow to get underneath the tiles.

 But, if it was not environmental moisture that caused the rot in the first place, how did those timbers get wet?

New roof installations can help with this problem but only if done properly. RJs Ultimate Roofing is an outstanding company who provide roofing services whether its renovation, restorations or cleaning.

They are amazing at paying attention to the smallest of details, as a small problem can still cause major amounts of damage to your home and personal property. If you live in North Brisbane and want a company who can help you solve your problems, get in touch with them and have a look at the customers reassuring testimonials.

Moisture from within the home from showers and cooking can waft up through ducts and into the attic/loft which in turn will cause condensation if not adequately ventilated.

Unless you are prepared to replace your roof every few years, it is vital that you only have a new roof installed by a qualified contractor who is aware of the importance of proper ventilation and can see to it that your roof is properly ventilated.

What Kitchen Designers Need to know about Stone: Your Kitchen Refurbishment

Stone makes a kitchen look fantastic, it also signifies longevity, permanency and luxury. A kitchen with stone blended into its design is often taken for granted because of stone’s ease of use.

Because there are many types of natural stones, there are other things to take into consideration when designing your perfect kitchen. A particular stone’s weight and natural beauty play a factor into where it’s incorporated into a kitchen’s design. Stone usually appears in three specific locations:

  • Kitchen Walls
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Kitchen Worktops

Each area has its own special things to watch out for and kitchen size plays a big part in what type of stone you use.

People often have stone installed into their kitchen during a refurbishment. During this time, they will also have new appliances, new worktops and even storage fitted. This is also the perfect time to have all of your drains unblocked and repaired.

You don’t want a brand new kitchen that has faults in the pipes, so we recommend contacting a local plumber.

A recent renovation Handy Man Home completed had an island worktop installed into their kitchen.

Stone for walls

Natural stone makes the walls of a kitchen have a rustic feel, depending on the type of stone.

Often stone is left unfinished or brushed so that it looks as natural as possible. Stone used for kitchen walls still need to be sealed and areas that can be prone to staining should be covered with a splash back in addition to the stone itself. Stone for kitchen walls comes in the form of tiles as well as mosaic and dado rail. See: Recommended Stone.

Stone for Flooring

Stone is an excellent choice for kitchen flooring. It’s robust, hard working and almost always looks good.  Natural stone is attractive to prospective property buyers meaning it retains its value over other types of kitchen flooring. Click here to see the best flooring ideas.

As a high traffic area you’ll find certain types of natural stone works better than others and again, the stone will need sealing and specialist stone care to maintain its natural beauty.

Stone for Worktops

Nothing says luxury more than a highly polished stone worktop. Practical, durable and many stone worktops have unique aesthetic qualities. Granite is one of the most popular when it comes to stone worktops, it’s rough in its natural state but when highly polished it looks spectacular. Stone worktops can be lit at night and when sealed; perfect for baking preparation.

All stone in the kitchen should be sealed before use. Stone is not impervious to water and other liquids so therefore it needs to be treated as soon as possible to maintain its natural beauty.

Professional Cleaning Services in Sydney

CPM Cleaning has over 25 years of experience in the industry. This company works hard to ensure all services provided by their team are completed to a high standard, high quality and thorough.

All members of their team have had thorough training and are all highly skilled.

Please call CPM Cleaning on 1300 276 253. Alternatively, you can email

CPM Cleaning in SydneyAvailable Services

Office Cleaning:

Their office cleaning services are responsive, reliable and reputable. They understand that a certain level is cleanliness is required in all office, which is why their professional service is amongst one of the best in Brisbane. They can offer you daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly services to a budget that suits you.


When choosing a school cleaner, you have to choose a company that is trustworthy and reliable. CPM Cleaning guarantees that their results will meet your expectations. Their school cleaning services includes teaching areas, staff areas, communal and storage areas.


This company provides a house keeping service that is both efficient and productive without causing disruption to guests. This company uses hi-tech machines ensuring that your hotel is cleaned properly. This team has experience working on different flooring materials and can deep clean your hotel.

Car Dealerships:

Get your car dealership up to scratch with CPM Cleaning. CPM understands that you need your dealership to be presentable to sell, which is why they apply the same approach to the showroom as they do to every other aspect of the property. They work with Audi, Jaguar and VW.

Property Maintenance Services

Property Care & Repair for Householders

When you hear of the company ‘Bell Plumbing Maintenance’ you automatically think “beautiful homes”, “terrific service” and “pleasant people”. Now they are about to add “Rapid Response Plumbing”, “First Class Workmanship” and “Great Value”.

See plumbing services.

About Bell Plumbing

Bell Plumbing established in 1972 and is a family run business that prides them in offering reliable, high quality emergency plumbing services across Brisbane. Visit this page to meet the team.

They offer a range of services including:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Drain unblocking
  • Repairs / maintenance

Instead of trawling through Google, call Bell Plumbing on (07) 3354 3300 for Brisbane based plumbing repairs.  

Their plumbers are highly skilled. This includes the best workmanship around, adherence to time scales, on-site cleanliness, clear quotations and more. They try to ensure that you, as customers get that little bit extra value and service and, if you don’t, they will want to know why.

Whatever you require to be done Bell Plumbing Maintenance has a team member capable of doing it – always at a good price and with a smile. Email for more information.

All your service requirements are catered for including alterations, appliance repairs, blocked drains, sewer unblocking, drain inspections, burst pipes, leaking toilets, gas leaks, kitchen & bathroom renovations, hot water system repairs and gas installations. Need a London plumber? See here.

Other domestic services: